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Review for Surgipet - Surgery & Anesthesia Center on Directory
08 Oct 2023

This place is absolutely hands down the best to take your fur babies! First, Shirley is an angel. Her dedication and love for what she does is extraordinary! I cannot thank her enough for the smooth process of taking care of my little Lulu! Second, Dr Wypart is so kind and he listens. He answered all questions and made the process of Lulu’s surgery feel safe. She was in good hands at Surgipet. Thank you all so much for what you do not only for my Lulu but for all animals! Today is day one after surgery and look forward to a great recovery for Lulu!
Recommendation for Boehme, Kathy M on Facebook
29 Jul 2019

John P.: My vet is retiring. Does anyone have a vet near Oceanside that knows greyhounds?
John P.:
Recommendation for Humane Society & Vet Clinic Of South Ba Y on Facebook
27 Mar 2018

Talia C.: Cheap small dog deep cleaning and possible teeth removal. My dog needs it and I need recommendations on places that deep clean his teeth and possible two front teeth extractions something that wont cost a couple arms and legs. Please and thank you! Also please no negative comments!
Amber D.: Humane Veterinary of San Diego.
Recommendation for Bastet Veterinary Hospital Inc on Facebook
16 Jan 2018

Greg O.: Looking for a decent Vet that works with small dogs. Any suggestions?
Joseph C.: Bastet vet on Greenfield
Recommendation for Cuyamaca Animal Hospital on Facebook
23 Dec 2017

Ana L.: Can someone tell me where I can take my dog for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to pick him back up on Tuesday Where he will be well taken care of in El Cajon? I cant take him to my sisters house. Cost as well please. Thank you.
Tara B.: Furry friends resort cuyamaca animal hospital 6194480707
Recommendation for Butterfield Animal Hospital on Facebook
11 Dec 2017

Carla S.: CDoes anyone know of a Low cost clinic for animals?
Teri B.: A lot of folks up here recommend the vets at Butterfield. Might be worth a call to them. 951-303-8260
Recommendation for Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital on Facebook
01 Oct 2017

Shelby P.: Looking for recommendations for a place for cheap dog shots. Our vet is a little pricy, thanks!
Sherry A.: On Saturday, 8$$$ Lemon Grove Veterinary Hospital
Recommendation for University Pet Hospital on Facebook
21 Aug 2017

Cynthia F.: Can anyone recommend a VERY compassionate vet? I have a problematic rescue and she gets very upset. I have an Rx for her and tried one location recently but they never were able to give her the pill and the entire experience was disturbing. I'm heartsick because they called after an hour and said come get her. They almost threw her carrier at us. She has a patch on her lower back that's been matted ever since. It appears to me that she was grabbed in this area and whatever was on their hands is there. It explains why they said they would bathe her when they called. She's in pain with her nails and is clawing EVERYTHING.
Amber C.: Dr Wilcox. University pet hospital 619-463-9861
Recommendation for Vca Animal Hospitals on Facebook
03 Aug 2017

Alex M.: Looking for emergency vet recommendations. We think our dog had a stroke the night before last. She can't walk and her whole left side is very weak. We are located in El Cajon/ lakeside area. She hasn't gone to the bathroom for a day and a half now and we need to get her in asap. Please let me know of any vets with animal emergency. And if you know the walk in fee that would also be helpful.
Patti J.: Vca animal hospital low cost and open 24 hrs. 600 Broadway,+El+Cajon,+CA+92021 VCA Animal Medical Center of El Cajon 600 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 444-4246

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