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About Orange Book

Orange Book has been keeping the communities of Borrego Springs, Julian, Poway, Ramona and Valley Center connected for 60 years. Created at the request of the Ramona Chamber of Commerce, Orange Book was designed to provide a community-driven, cost effective marketing tool to the small businesses of San Diego’s back country.

In terms of purpose, little has changed. In terms of what it takes to deliver on that purpose, it’s a whole new world! Today, the diversity of the consumer market requires a differentiated marketing strategy that addresses the differences in how people make their buying decisions.

Today’s consumers fall into three distinct groups, each of which has its own preferences about how they access information. The largest, most affluent of these groups is the Baby Boomers. Owning more than 63% of the country’s financial assets and spending more than $3 trillion annually, Baby Boomers are 52 years old or older and account for 50% of all consumer spending. They are active online but choose print 77% of the time or more as their first choice for the gathering of buying information.

Generation X members are 36-51 years old and represent 29% of the nation’s spending power, or about $736 billion annually. The 60 million members of this demographic are still regular users of print (with 48%-58% still using print first) with nearly 90% of them online monthly and nearly two-thirds of them active social media users.

The youngest group in today’s consumer market place is the Millennials. The most diverse of the three groups, the 80 million members of the Millennials are 16-35 years old and have the spending power of $600 billion annually. While still using print and definitely online, Millennials report accessing data through their mobile devices 92% of the time.

So, it should come as no surprise that Orange Book’s historically rich and useful information continues to be available in print but is also available online and on mobile apps. Whether you want to know what people are thinking about a local issue, who can fix your roof or cut your hair, or when the chili cook-off is happening, you can count on us to provide you with answers, no matter where you choose to look: in print, online, or on your mobile!

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