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Julian is a census-designated place in San Diego County, California.

Julian is an official California Historical Landmark (No. 412).[3] The Julian townsite and surrounding area is defined by the San Diego County Zoning Ordinance Section 5749 as the Julian Historic District. This designation requires that development adhere to certain guidelines that are administered by the Architectural Review Board of the Julian Historic District, which is appointed by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Learn more in Wikipedia

The town is known for its apple pie and its annual Julian Apple Days Festival, which began in 1949.

The Median household income of a Julian resident is $77,050 a year. These industries occupy the population of Julian:

Share Title
19.8% Construction
3.8% Manufacturing
6.2% Retail trade
5.7% Transportation and Warehousing
5.5% Finance and Insurance
12.6% Administrative and Support
8.3% Educational services
3.8% Health care and Social assistance
8.4% Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
21.7% Accomodation and Food services
4.3% Public Administration

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