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Julian Weekend Guide

About Julian

While Julian?s gold rush days were short-lived, many who had come for the gold stayed on because they had fallen in love with the natural beauty of their little mountain hamlet. Unique among Southern California locales, Julian experiences true seasons and its cold winter climate was and is ideal for the growing of such crops as apples. So, in short order, apples became Julian?s new gold and Julian became as famous for its baking as it had been for its mining. Today, virtually all of the apples grown in Julian are quickly transformed into its famous pies. In fact, during the town?s annual two month long Apple Days celebration (September through October) Julian?s bakers must bake an astounding 10,000 apple pies a week to keep up with the demands of the town?s residents and visitors! But Julian doesn?t limit itself to just its apples? Julian celebrates its unique and colourful history all year round.

What to do in Julian on weekends:

  • Pan for gold
  • Take a horse and carriage ride
  • Participate in the Julian Chamber of Commerce?s Hunt for History tour and have a chance to win a $50 cash prize
  • Enjoy a bluegrass festival
  • Watch an old-time melodrama
  • Witness a shootout on Main Street
  • Visit more than 30 historical sites ? wander through unique shops and galleries
  • Enjoy a delicious meal and/or treat
  • Experience the Julian night sky at any one of a number of quaint lodging options anxious to cater to your needs.

Why Julian? Julian has something for everyone!

Julian has something for everyone, and that?s no kidding! Every weekend offers a wide range of activities from shootouts to panning for gold, from gallery hopping to wine tasting. Whether you are fascinated by the history of one of California?s original gold rush towns, are moved by the brilliance of a starry night, love the crispness of a winter day, or just want a piece of America?s best apple pie, Julian should be on your list of ?must do?s.?

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