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Mexican Restaurants in Lakeside, CA


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Around the year 2006-2007 32.856240,-116.928585 My SUV in parking lot, Motorcycle club at bar next to Las Palapas attacked and kicked in front passenger door, upon exiting the vehicle motorcycle club member with a knife coming at me unarmed, backing up towards the front of my SUV I told him if you come at me with that knife I'm taking your life, as I was in front of the SUV the other two motorcycle club members finished attacking the passenger and came towards me, 3 armed attackers with knifes trying to kill me while I'm unarmed, another motorcycle club member exits the bar with a knife speed walking behind 3 armed attackers rushing towards me, when he broke in between the 3 armed attackers to take my life I hit him once as hard as I could, the 3 armed attackers seen their patch holder fall and they threw their knifes at me. Dodging 3 people throwing knifes at me I continued into Las Palapas while there were 2 woman in my SUV in the parking lot, 2 passengers Infront seat, one ran and got away the other got attacked and knocked out unconscious as soon as exiting the vehicle. (Vehicle Surrounded). Once entering Las Palapas I yelled at everyone and said get back to the walls right now. Looked at the dinning room on the right side of the establishment than continued into the kitchen looking for a means of defense. Nothing in the kitchen no Kitchen knifes or weapons to use to defend my life, continued behind bar and picked up 2 bottles in each hand. They came in the door at that time one on the other side of the bar trying to reach over and stab me in the back, the others on my left side infront of the bar one attacker trying to stab me across the bar also and the other one grabbing beer bottles off the bar and throwing them onto the bar counter top to shatter glass that stuck above my waist up to my head as I didn't have a shirt on. Than another attacker walked in and started yelling do you know who I am. I am Darryl Dennis. He stopped and looked at me as he was walking towards me around the bar, I said I don't know we're probably family, wrong place wrong time. The others said to him as he stopped, stab him stab him now. As his face turned to determination I said ALRIGHT YOU WANT TO GO, than I set the bottles back down in the bar holder and took a defense stanse unarmed, he walked around the bar than attempted to stab me in the neck with a knife in his right hand, I put my left arm up in defense to block the attempted stabbing, however the knife only went into my back of neck, I had a short convolsion than got mad and said GIVE ME THAT and reached for his knife as he backed out of bar area and looked directly at me. I than put my hand over my heart and said oh oh oh oh than the other attackers said let's go now. They exited the bar, a man walked up to me and said stay here. I said no and walked for the door to get my vehicle, exiting the bar my SUV was gone and a woman walked out of the bar next to las palapas and yelled there he is. I preceded to exit the premises as fast as I could than a sheriff's deputy drew his weapon and said get down on the ground now. They arrested me, I refused medical assistance, the paramedics requested that I speak on the radio and state that I refuse medical assistance. I was placed in the back of one of two other units that arrived. They parked next to eachother and interrogated me in the back of the police car for a period of an hour or so. Than they brought me out of the back seat and stood me next to the vehicle for a witness lineup. Than they put me back in the vehicle and drove up to the front of the location Las Palapas, a detective woman walked up and started to interrogate me saying we know who stabbed you he has stabbed a lot of people. I said at that moment I don't know what your taking about I just seen a bunch of people and don't know what happened I just want to go home. She than looked at me and said YOUR WHITE RIGHT.....I looked at my skin on my arm and replied. She than said I'll be right back, she came back than gave me my personal items that the sheriff's took as they detained me. I exited the vehicle and walked back to my leased apartment.

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