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Review for San Marcos Family Dental on Directory
24 May 2022

The office accommodated me with an appointment soon after I called on 5/20/22 (which I greatly appreciated) about a very painful toothache. However, Dr. Reppas determined I had an abscess in an old root canal and referred me to a endodontist. That endodontist was booked for two weeks was not able to see me soon. I called San Marcos Family Dental back, explained the situation and explained that due to the pain I was experiencing, I needed to see someone sooner. I asked the office manager Maria if they could find another endodontist for me. Maria said, “No. We don’t do that.” She told me I needed to call my insurance and find another one. I have been going to this dental office for over 5 years and continued to do so for 3 years even after I moved to Menifee in Riverside County primarily because the dental hygienist, Miguel, was so great. In 5 years I essentially just went in for cleanings every 6 months and all was good. I think I had one cavity during that time. But as soon as I had a serious issue, Maria told me I was on my own finding another endodontist. So disappointing. Guess what? I called a dental office here in Menifee as soon as I got home. That office manager was very helpful and helped me find another endodontist. I called that endodontist and I have an appointment set for tomorrow. Maria needs to learn how to help their patients when they need it or they will lose more patients to other dental offices. Miguel is the best thing about San Marcos Family Dental but I will never go back there. I hope Dr. Reppas sees this review but sadly, I doubt he will.
Review for Brighton Dental on Whodoyou
07 Jan 2018

I have been going to Dr. Paige Woods for years now. I moved a few months ago to just outside her office. I feel like I'm part of their little dental family, and I know that my teeth are in great shape because of Dr. Woods. Thanks for all your help, Dr. Woods. See you in a 6 months.

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