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Living in Borrego Springs, like living in any small town, is not for everyone. There are no street lights. Not one. There is no fast food drive-thru, no Safeway, Target, KMart or Seven Eleven. Borrego Springs is isolated, insulated, and about as far from anywhere else as you can imagine. It is, some say, a spot on the earth totally unlike any other.

And that’s exactly why we love it! Borrego Springs is a unique place to visit and a stunningly unique place to live. In the middle of the Anza-Borrego Desert “bowl,” Borrego Springs is home to a fiercely independent group of folks who live in Borrego because of its uniqueness. Those who live here have chosen the desert’s stark natural beauty over manufactured aesthetics; the infinite darkness of the night sky over flood lights and neon; the serenity of open space over the compression of city living.

An extraordinary gathering of people surrounded by an extraordinary landscape offering an extraordinary experience: that’s Borrego Springs. As one visitor described it,

“…Borrego is like camping on the border of space. You feel like you are visiting a place at the end of the planet; like you are a scout sent to probe the mysteries ahead. And then, when night settles, you turn your eyes upward and let yourself be immersed into infinity and serenity because up there, someone has spread the Universe!”

So, for those who live here, enjoy your extraordinary home! And for those who are visiting, welcome to our extraordinary Borrego Springs!

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