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Veterinarians in this list provide services to multiple zip codes in and around San Diego (i.e 92101, 92102, 92103). Please contact each of these businesses individually if you need to verify their service area.

Veterinarians that mention "cat" in San Diego, CA


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    Kendall R.: Does anyone know of any medical plans for dogs or ways to help the cost of vet visits?
    Christina M.: I had 90% of my cats teeth extracted at a great vet he handles dogs too. Colima veterinary (619) 286-3360 I also got a discount plan for my cat cause if animals have pre existing conditions they don't typically qualify for real health insurance. His discount plan is thru pet assure and its like 9$ a month. Do NOT go to the PETsMART vets they are a joke said my cat had cancer referred me to a oncologist that was vet expensive and in 10 min with no testing the oncologist laughed and said he doesn't have cancer he has food allergies. Ya! Don't go to PETsMART!
    5530 University Ave San Diego, CA
    (619) 286-3360
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    East C.: #INFONEEDED: Received from a Follower requesting information on affordable vet care.... "I don't know if you can help me or not, i need information about some association for dog's(pit bull), because our dog have lumps, but we don't have money, I'm trying found a cheaper veterinary but i don't found nothing in internet. Guera( name our dog) save my husband life he was depressed, he is veteran, we need some cheaper veterinary or association."
    Cathy L.: Pet Assistance Organizations Here are some of the organizations that can help pet owners who cannot afford veterinary care. The San Diego Animal Support Foundation has a limited program to help families raise money for vet bills. If you would like to apply for assistance please review our Assistance Information to see if you qualify. San Diego Local General Dogs cats LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS: Vet Exam PAWS of San Diego (Pets Are Wonderful Support) Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals (Penny Adams) S. Ford Foundation FACE Foundation (Foundation for Animal Care and Education) (858) 450-3223 Ruff Rescue (949) 580-1092
    10505 Sorrento Valley Rd San Diego, CA
    (858) 450-3223