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Review for Mikko Sushi on Directory
27 May 2023

They are getting 2 stars PURELY based on the fact that their food is good and fresh. I placed an online order through their website last weekend and chose the option to pick up my food at a certain time (I ordered 1.25hours before I was to pick up the food). Unfortunately, as I was driving to pick up food at a restaurant near this Escondido location, I noticed there was a street fair going on (that I did not know was going on that day). I am disabled and i was unable to find a parking spot within the distance to their restaurant that I am able to walk. I called the restaurant (with plenty of time before my order was to be picked up) and I asked the employee if there was any way they could meet me in my car around the corner from their restaurant/the closest location my car or I,on foot, to their restaurant. The employee told me no, that they cannot do that. I again repeated that I am disabled and unable to walk the distance to their restaurant from the closest parking spot available to their restaurant location. Given that they were unable to accommodate my request (which I could understand), I promptly asked to cancel my order (approximately 30 minutes before the time I scheduled for my pickup) and stated that I would like an immediate refund as there is no way I can get my food. I was assured my order was cancelled and I would be refunded the amount I paid/on my receipt to my credit card. Today, I was looking at my bank account and noticed that the charge was still on there-i was never refunded the money. I called the restaurant immediately to go over this so that I can get my refund. I had the order number, the date and time I placed my order, my credit card number, and the online receipt through clover I received after placing my order through their website. The manager was EXTREMELY rude to me. He told me that my food was made and I never picked it up. That he would not reimburse me. It was my fault I didn't pick my food up-basically "too bad, so sad, I don't give a flying fuck if you're disabled, that's on you." I explained the situation again, told him that I was disabled, that I was assured that my food had not been prepared (it's sushi-you don't make an order 30+minutes before pickup) and that he would promptly cancel my order. I asked the employee twice to make sure that my order was cancelled and that I would be refunded (always smart idea to verify something like this multiple times!!). I told the manager that I repeated this question twice to ensure it would get done and we were on the same page before I hung up. The employee I spoke with repeated again that it was not a problem and he is sorry that they couldn't accommodate my disability. The manager very rudely repeated that it was my fault that I didn't pick up the food. He would not reimburse me. We have friends that are regulars there and we have joined them for dinner on numerous occasions. The food is great (the only reason they got any stars at all!!!) But this is disgusting business practice. Now I have to go and fight it through my credit card company. Not only have they lost a group of regulars, I will also be notifying others in the area with disabilities of this interaction. In the disability community, we take these things VERY seriously. It's a big community and the word is out and we band together to support others in our community. This very easily could have been handled with no need for escalation. I was calm, respectful, and provided every piece of information about my order that they asked for and I was (not joking at all) laughed at and told it is my own fault and that they refuse to reimburse me. Pathetic that it came down to filing a dispute and me having to warn others in the community that they are not supportive of the disabled in their community. Anyone reading this review who may have questions, I am 100% open to and willing to answer any questions in further detail regarding this apalling event! Mikko sushi-you may want to look at the ADA laws and see how you can help accommodate those with disabilities appropriately. We are worth it (though you very clearly STATED AND IMPLIED we are NOT!!!)!!!

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