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Recommendation for Dependable Garage Door Service on Facebook
04 Mar 2017

Angelo P.: Does anyone know a good garage door guy?
Lonnie L.: Dependable Garage Door Service - Jason Nelson - Honest and he knows what he's doing. I highly recommend him. 619-333-9957
Recommendation for Dlouhy Doors Inc. on Facebook
04 Mar 2017

Angelo P.: Does anyone know a good garage door guy?
Jason B.: Dlouhy Doors - 619-562-4602 -
Recommendation for Falcon Garage Doors on Facebook
11 Oct 2015

Lisa A.: Looking for garage door repair. Any suggestions? Not sure if it's the opener or the door that's broke. Thanks.
Tim D.: we had a positive experience with Falcon Garage Door, 619-787-7491.
Recommendation for Fallbrook Overhead Doors on Facebook
06 May 2015

Damien S.: I am in need of a garage repair man. My door doesn't always go up. Both springs are still intact. Do you have any referrals?
Dori H.: Fallbrook Overhead Doors....(760) 728-3823. They're wonderful! Check them out on yelp to make sure. They've been taking care of our needs for years!
Recommendation for Escondido Overhead Grge Doors on Facebook
24 Mar 2014

Marti H.: Anyone in the San Diego area know of a good garage door company? Ours expired after 25+ years of good service!
Paul P.: Tell him I referred ya...
Recommendation for Elocksys on Facebook
23 Mar 2014

Lakewood, C.: Michael: Can anyone recommend a great Locksmith in Lakewood to add a sliding Bolt Lock on my Garage door???
Robert G.: Here is the link to the garage lock that was shown on the show shark tank.
Recommendation for Blaine Baker Garage Doors on Facebook
06 Dec 2013

Tina S.: San Diego (north county) friends: anyone have a decent garage door repair company? ;)
Kristine F.: Yes! We use Blaine Baker (619)593-9740 he's great and reliable.
Recommendation for Doorworkx on Facebook
20 Nov 2013

Socal V.: Putting the word out for a company that does commercial door repair. Our front doors need adjusting and looking for an electronic access system. Trying to keep the business in the family or as close as possible. Small, family business need apply!!! ; )
Danny D.: Try Doorworkx, 197 Woodland Pkwy, Ste 104, San Marcos, 92069. 760-510-1043.

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